EČ mašīndejās: 30. jūlijs - 2. augusts, 2009

20. marts, 2009 @ 10:28 | Autors: funMaster | Kur: EC |

Nu lūk, arī šogad notiksies šis pasākums, turpat, kur pagājušajā gadā.


Positive Gaming Machine Dance European Championships

and World Cup 2009 organized in cooperation with the Finnish Dance Gamer Association (FDGA)

30. July - 2. August 2009

Silverstone Partycenter, Zwaanenburg, The Netherl


What people can expect:
Several different tournaments

and disciplines over four days. Fun contests

and the European Championships take part on the first three days

and the World Cup takes part on the two last days.
Games: In the Groove 2 Arcade will be there,

and we may also announce other games, which will be further defined within the official invitation document.
Concerts: Stay tuned for another set of live concerts from selected Positive Gaming iDANCE-artists.
Positive Gaming iDANCE Multiplayer will be available for warm up

and freeplay out of tournaments throughout the entire event.

Going forward:
This is only a brief announcement, so people can already start to look into their travelling schedule. The next update can be expected around the beginning of May,

and will be in the form of an official invitation document, containing all the information. Stay tuned!


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  1. Pēc pasākuma gaidīsim no Laumas iespaidus un komentārus par iDance… :)

    ...teica Aigars — 20. marts, 2009 #

  2. Info apdeits par EČ:


    Būs jauna turnīru sistēma “King of the Hill”.

    ...teica funMaster — 14. maijs, 2009 #

  3. Kāds atsūtiet bildes. Man salūza fotoaparāts un visas pazuda :(

    ...teica Stasiks — 22. septembris, 2016 #


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